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Fine Aura Elixir


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A basic elixir with no semi-precious gemstone roller ball. 

*Note that custom elixirs will vary in value*


The Future of Fragrance

EuphAura carries lines of elixirs catered to both the divine and divine feminine counterparts.

EuphAura is a purveyor of fine therapeutic grade essential oils, organic absolutes, rare semi-precious minerals and engraving. We offer unique metaphysical tools for the sophisticated mystic pre-fabricated into olfactory confections or crafted as a custom anointing tool. We believe that your scent is a key component of your aura and that it should be filled with natural, healing aromas. 

Kitschy Witchy

The featured blend of November!

A line of delicious dessert-themed oil blends with basic stainless steel roller balls. 

Each blend is designed to imbue the aura with a sense of delicious euphoria.

A perfectly balanced oil perfume that can be worn safely on any occasion. 


November's Feature Oil is the sensuous Slow Clap. Including Neroli and Blue Lotus Absolute,

For the consumate meditator. High-vibration chakra elixirs empowered with traditional and channeled Reiki Symbols, touched by Platinum Ray alchemy and crafted with loving awareness. 

Many of these blends come with the option of a comic book reader, which double as an educational tool (how one might use an oil elixir for manifestation) and just for pure entertainment!

Each blend has a semi-precious roller ball such as rare minerals such as the world's oldest Amber known as Burmite. The gorgeous Amber gliding over your skin will be billions of years old, sourced from Myanmar and empowered for your spiritual endeavors. 

Happy Oiling!


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